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We are very happy to present www.jaibheem.com, the first website with main focus on spread of Buddhism in India being the ultimate dream of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar.  This website is result of encouragement, guidance and help from many well-wishers and it is not possible to mention everybody’s name.  


However, it would be in-justice not to acknowledge the efforts of some of the very special people who have spent days together in making this project possible. Our thanks –


To  Smt Sushila Yadavrao Gaikwad for financial support from time to time.


To Miss Mitali Gaikwad for providing many suggestions and inspiration from time to time.


To Brother Pradeep Damodhar Bansode for website layout design and graphic editing to make it more attractive and tolerable.


To Brother Mandar Karmarkar, Brother Sanjeev Badrike and Brother Rupesh Gor for helping us in designing logo and the graphics for the website.


To Mrs Shantabai Naganath Satpute, Mrs. Vishaka Indrajeet Thorat and Brother Sukumar Laghate for their encouragement and guidance.


To Brother Pratap Tambay encouragement for developing this website and providing valuable inputs..


To Brother Mahendra Ingle, a well-know motivational consultant, for providing important inputs and suggestions in bringing the website to the shape.


To Brother Amol Ramesh Kakade and Brother Vishal  Ramesh Kakade for their valuable suggestions.


To Bhante Khemmadhhamo ( Maha Threo)  for his efforts to educate us in Buddhism in very early in life.


To Brother Rahul Aggarwal for hosting for past four years free of cost.


To Brother Vikarant Shejwal and Sister Mugdha Shejwal for their encouragement in the initial period of conceptualization of this website.


To Brother Santosh Shelke and Brother Shashikant Pagare  for  providing technical support.


To Brother Sandeep Gadkari for timely sponsoring one of the team member in web designing course.


Last but certainly not the least, we thank all of you who helped us directly and indirectly to make this website possible.



Nanda Yadavrao Gaikwad

Anil Yadavrao Gaikwad

Nilima Anil Gaikwad

Babasaheb Nagnath Satpute

Dr Gautam Yadavrao Gaikwad

Dr. Anita Gautam Gaikwad


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