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1.           Introduction

2.           Historical Background of Buddha

3.           Birth of Siddhartha

4.           Siddhartha’s Marriage

5.           Induction into Sakya Sangha

6.           Conflict with Sakya Sangha

7.           Offer for Exile

8.           Parivraja – the way out

9.           Parting Words

10.         Struggle

11.         Enlightenment

12.         Discovery of New Dhamma

13.         Bodhisatta to Buddha

14.         What Buddha Rejected, Modified and Accepted

            I           What he rejected

            II           What he modified

            III          What he accepted

15.         Basic Teachings of The Buddha

                        A          The Three Universal Truths

                         I           Nothing is lost in the universe / The nature or existence

                         II           Everything changes

                         III          Law of Cause and effect

                        B          The four Noble Truths

                         I           Dukkha   - There is suffering or sorrow

                         II          Tanha     - There is a cause for Suffering

                         III          Nibbana  - There can be end to the Suffering

                         IV         Marga     - The path to end suffering

                        C          The Noble eight-fold path

                         I           Samma Dirshti         - Right Understanding / view

                         II           Samma Samkappa  - Right Thought 

                         III          Samma Vacha         - Right Speech

                         IV         Samma Kammanta  - Right Conduct / Action

                         V          Samma Ajiva            - Right Livelihood

                         VI         Samma Vayama      - Right Efforts

                         VII        Samma Sati             - Right Mindfulness

                         VIII        Samma Samadhi      - Right Concentration

                        D          Tri Ratana – Triple Jewel / Gem

                         I           The Buddha

                         II           The Dhamma

                         III          The Sangha

                        E          Pancha Shila – The Five Precepts

                         I           No Killing

                         II           No Stealing

                         III          No Sexual Misconduct

                         IV         No Lying

                         V          No Intoxicants

                        F          Dasha Shila – Ten Precepts

I           No Gossip – Observe Silence

II          Be Humble – No Self praise – Do not judge others

III         Be Contended – Do not covet or indulge in envy or jealous

IV        Be calm mind and peaceful Manner – Do not indulge in Anger

                         V        Take refuge in three Jewels – Do not defame them

                        G          Ten Paramita – Ten virtues

                        H          The Brahma Vihara

16.             Twelve Principles of Buddhism

17.             Buddhist Flag

18.             Buddhist Dhamma Books

19.             Buddhist Countries

20.             Vandana – Daily Devotional Chanting

                                                                        I           Buddhabhivadan Vandana

                                                                        II           Tri Sharan Vandana

                                                                        III          Pancha Shila 

                                                                        IV         Attanga Shila

                                                                        V          Tri Ratana Vandana

a.                 Salutation to the Lord Buddha

b.                 Salutation to the Dhamma

c.                 Salutation to the Sangha

                                                                        VI        Atthavisati Buddha Vandana

                                                                        VII       Bodhi Vandana

                                                                        VIII      Buddha Puja

                                                                        IX        Cetiya Vandana

                                                                        X         Patthana

                                                                        XI        Khamatha me Bhante

                                                                        XII       Jaya Mangal Gantha

                                                                        XIII       Aradhana

                                                                        XIV      Mangala Sutta

                                                                        XV       Ratana Sutta

                                                                        XVI      Metta Sutta

                                                                        XVII     Maha Jaya Mangala Gatha


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