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To Late Kamalabai Sadaram Gaikwad

 Our grandmother who had vision in 1940s and 1950s to educate her next generation to give better life. Whatever we are is the result of her dream and vision for our future.


To Late Yadavrao Sadaram Gaikwad

Our father who had courage to educate himself in most adverse social and economical circumstances. His vision and dream had made possible for all of us to be professionally qualified which resulted in one of the most educated family in our region.


To Late Suresh Ganpat Kakade

Our uncle and mentor  who always inspired us for achieving personal milestones in education. Being an engineer from IIT, Mumbai, he was the real source of motivation for all of us. He wanted to actively work on this website but he left before we could start work. Had he been alive perhaps this website would have been more innovative. 

  • Nanda Yadavrao Gaikwad

  • Anil Yadavrao Gaikwad

  • Dr Gautam Yadavrao Gaikwad


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